Our phone was unintentionally left in London during a quick trip yet immediately we were contacted and arrangements made for its return. The BoomerangIt product was a key component to receiving our phone back to us so quickly and in perfect shape. We are sold on your product and will be labeling more of our assets with your tags and stickers to protect them as well. Thank you again for your service...it has turned out to be very worthwhile.

Bart and Kim T, Germany

About six months since my bike was stolen, when I completely lost any hope of recovering the bike, I received an e-mail from Boomerangit with the subject ‘Found your stolen bike’. I was in disbelief. What wonderful karma! The fantasy is true. My bike was recovered by the police from a Boomerangit sticker. 

Nguyen N, CA

I knew I lost my jump drive but didn’t recall where or how. Though it is a secured jump drive, I have highly sensitive information on it that is irreplaceable. I am grateful I took the time to register with BoomerangIt. It’s been a year since I enrolled and it has certainly paid off.

Martin F, TX

We thought this phone was lost forever. It belongs to a company employee. We use BoomerangIt for our office. It had phone numbers that were unrecoverable. BoomerangIt is a great service!

Harris L, DC

It's fantastic that you were able to contact me by backpack. I had everything in there – keys, camera, ID, personal stuff. I put an ad in both the local paper and on a radio station and had no luck. I also notified the Police and Sheriff's department and still no luck. I'm just so excited to be getting everything back. It was the BoomerangIt tag that got my things back. Thank you!”

Carol C, TX

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